Building the future of kidney care.

Kidneylink provides nephrologist partners with technology, analytics, and resources to lower costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the experience of their patients.

With predictive analytics, we create customized care interventions at the right time to slow disease progression and improve quality of life.

Through our nephrologist-centered model, we:

  • Delay disease progression to keep patients healthier for as long as possible.
  • Reduce avoidable hospitalizations through ongoing patient engagement and proactive care plans.
  • Deliver optimal starts to facilitate a smooth transition to dialysis.
  • Manage comorbidities to ensure all patient needs are addressed.
  • Facilitate home dialysis to increase comfort, quality, and patient independence.
  • Increase transplants via informed decision making and care coordination.
  • Ensure that advance care planning supports the transitions of care and provides a better understanding of the path forward.

We believe:

  • Nephrologists are critical to caring for people with kidney disease.
  • When the goals of the patients, physicians and payers are aligned, patients have better quality outcomes and a better overall experience.
  • Leveraging the latest in technology and analytics can improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.
  • The nephrologist-patient relationship is essential. Healthcare is personal and should remain that way.

Join us in building the future of kidney care.

Kidneylink is built on decades of clinical, operational, and financial success, backed by U.S. Renal Care. Our partnership model empowers providers to succeed in value based care arrangements with payers.

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